Be inspired by our unique collection of lighting and smart home solutions, with Calex you are able to create the perfect ambiance for every space. From timeless elegance to contemporary flair, here you'll find the perfect lighting solution for your style.

Calex Smart Home

Smart home!

"With smart lighting and smart products, you automate your ultimate living space for the best convenience, style, and a touch of the future in every room." Welcome to Calex Smart Home .

Calex Functional


Get to know our functional products.

Calex Tuning


Tuning combines perfection and personal style for an optimal experience in every setting!

Plug & Play

Plug & Play

"Simply connect and instantly enjoy. No fuss, just the joy of instant functionality and delightful experiences, without any hassle or complicated installations."

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Calex Smart Light

The creators of Smart Ambiance!

Become the director of your smart home, enjoy total control and comfort. Effortlessly manage and personalize lighting, temperature, security, and more in every corner of the house, from lighting to security, we have it all.

Calex Functional Light
Calex Functional Light