LED fluorescent tube

Fluorescent tube also in LED version?
The current Calex range does not include LED fluorescent tubes as a direct replacement of fluorescent tubes. The reason for this is that the mounting then will have to be reconstructed, including another type of starter.

LED Striplites in lieu of LED fluorescent tube

The Calex range does include LED Striplites. These small LED tubes, be they separate or complete with mounting, are ideally suited for lighting a kitchen sink or working bench. LED Striplites are particularly energy-efficient and offer a long lifespan. The LED Striplites provide a convenient replacement for LED fluorescent tubes.

LED fluorescent tube

If you would like to continue your search for LED fluorescent tubes, Calex advises you to pay special attention to lifespan and mounting as well as the light colour and colour rendering of such LED fluorescent tubes; there are differences between the performances of various makes.

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