Can a LED Dimmer be used for every lamp?

For our LED bulbs we recommend using a regular LED Dimmer. When using a LED dimmer as an incandescent, halogen, or an energy saving lamp, It could be that the technology of the LED bulb will fight against the technology of the bulb in which it is fitted. This could affect the life span of LED.

The 4 different stances on a Calex dimmer are ideal to prevent the bulbs from flickering, and optimizing the life span. The difference to other, non-Calex, dimmer is that other dimmers is only have 1 stance on whereas Calex dimmers have four! This means that you are able to use our Calex dimmers in any room you like. When you are hesitant on which stance to use, it is best to try all 4 stances and see which one works best.
Caution: don’t use a regular dimmer on your Calex smart bulbs! You can use our free Calex app on your mobile device to control your lighting.


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