What to do when your Calex Smart items are offline

If your Calex Smart item indicates to be offline in the app, this can have several causes. We listed the most common situations and explain what to do per situation.

Router not connected
Always check if your router is switched on and if you are still connected to the network. After switching on your router, it can take a few minutes before your smart products are (re)connected to the network. On average it takes about 2 minutes before your products come back online in the app.

Changed router or data
If you have recently installed a new router, you will unfortunately need to reconnect your products. You do this by deleting the offline smart product in question in the app and pairing it again. Same goes for if you changed the name of your wifi or the password.

Check if the device has just updated its firmware. When the device updates the firmware, it disconnects from the network and automatically connects to the network after the update is completed. If your network is unstable, it may not be able to connect after the firmware update. The device may need to be removed and added again.

Weak Wi-Fi signal
The Wi-Fi signal at the device’s location may be too weak. Causes can be multiple (concrete) walls between the router and the smart product, the device is wrapped with a metal casing or there are (too many) metal objects in the vicinity. Remove the obstacles or place WiFi repeaters to solve this problem.

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