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Smart Home

Go for products that simplify your life and add an extreme sense of comfort. In addition to handy smart light sources, we have also added decorative filament lamps that may be seen and accessories that you never knew you needed until now.

Create your own atmosphere and experience ultimate comfort in your home with the Calex Smart products. Set personal preferences and expand your comfort with a combination of smart accessories. Even “non-smart” devices can be made smart and intuitive with some of these products.

Smart Home

Indoor Ambiance

Rustic Clear Multicolor
Ambiance Light
Christmas Lights
Downlight Black
Downlight White
Downlight Metallic
Downlight 3-pack
Aroma Diffuser

Smart Home


Smart Outdoor LED Garden Post RGB CCT
Smart Outdoor Up & Down Light RGB CCT
Smart Outdoor Wall Light RGB CCT
Smart Outdoor LED Spotlight RGB CCT
Smart Outdoor Wall Light Classic RGB CCT
Smart Outdoor LED Strip RGB + White
Smart Outdoor Frameless Security Light
Smart Outdoor Link - Bluetooth Mesh Gateway

Smart Home


Organic Evo Titanium
G200 Titanium
Organic Evo Gold
G200 Gold

Smart Home


Clear Spherical E14
Clear Spherical
Clear Candle
Clear Standard
Clear Standard
Clear Rustic
Clear Globe G125
Gold Spherical E14
Gold Standard
Gold Rustic
Gold Globe G95
Gold Globe G125
Titanium Rustic
Titanium Globe G125

Smart Home


RGB Reflector
RGB Spherical E14
RGB Candle
RGB Standard
RGB Standard B22
RGB Globe 125
RGB Striplight 5M
RGB + Tunable White Striplight 5M
RGB + Tunable White Striplight 2M
Reflector CCT
SMD CCT Standard
SMD CCT Standard B22
Softline Spherical
Softline Candle
Softline Standard
Softline Standard B22
Softline Globe G125
Ceiling Light

Smart Home


Powerplug EU
Powerplug BE/FR
Powerplug UK
Power Socket EU
Power Socket BE/FR
Door Sensor
Movement Sensor
Smoke Detector
Mini Camera
Outdoor Camera
Video Doorbel with Chime

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