Designing a lighting plan or in need of functional lighting for a specific purpose? Don’t skip this category. These light sources make every room or space light up the way it has to. Although this category is focused on functional use, we ensure good quality and general applicability.



Get to know our, full glass LED solutions that replace all popular incandescent/halogen lightbulbs. The LEDs are designed to look like an incandescent lamp. LED has never felt so familiar.

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This series brings multifunctional light sources to a whole new level. The lamps can easily be dimmed from bright, almost white, light for functional purposes, all the way to warmer, atmospheric, light for candlelit dinners in a more cozy setting.

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This series is the cost-effective replacement of basic lamps. It offers a wide range of retro-fit LED lamps.

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Go back in time and get that real Edison feeling with this series of light bulbs.



Look no further for shinny lamps that match a festive mood and sensor lamps that light up every garden from dusk to dawn!

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