Start Smart: With these items you will get the taste for more!

They say, all beginings are difficult. Not with our smart items! In three easy steps you’ll connect your product to the free Calex app and you’re ready to enjoy all the possibilities that smart life has to offer. With these accessories you will definitely get the taste for more!

Remote Control

Are you unsure whether you want to control your appliances or lamps only by smartphone? The Calex Smart Remote offers the perfect solution! With this remote control you can operate up to 15 devices. Combine with the power socket or power plug and unleash an endless stream of possibilities for your electrical appliances at home.

BONUS: The battery lasts longer than others because it only consumes power when used.

Power plug

Smart households are already becoming quite normal, but how do you know if it’s right for you? With the power plug you can make non-smart devices smart and make smart devices even smarter. For example, plug your sound system into this power plug and come home to a house where your favorite music is already playing without pressing a single button. Or let your kettle or coffee maker work for you in the morning when you press snooze for the umpteenth time.

Power socket

Imagine the convenience of the power plug, but for up to 6 devices at once! Thanks to the four socket inputs and two USB ports, you can enjoy the comfort of smart even more. Each input of this Calex smart power socket is individually programmable and can be adjusted as desired. Connect your sockets to Google Home or Amazon Alexa, give a command and let your “assistant” do the work for you!

Curious to see how it works? Check out the ‘HOW TO’ video here!

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