Smart living with Calex: Here’s how you do it

Ready to upgrade your interior? Make your home stylish and smart with Calex Smart products. In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about equipping your smart home and everything you need for it. The solutions are limitless.

The living room ready for every setting

Change your living room’s ambiance in the flick of a wrist. Control your smart products with the free Calex app to create the right effect for every situation. Place some smaller decorative lights in a table armature for instance, or hang multiple XXL smart bulbs above the table. Control every bulb individually or create groups for the dining table, the sitting area or the kitchen for instance. With the app, you control all Calex Smart products with ease.

With these smart items, you can easily control your lighting to fit every setting or mood. Whether it’s a chic dinner with guests or a fun family game night.


Comfort in the bedroom

Smart lighting is also indispensable in the bedroom. Turn the lights off without having to step out of bed for instance. Did you forget to turn off the lights in the living room? You can easily turn them off using the Calex app. With the app, you can also set timers to wake you up gently by the lights turning on or to make sure the lights will go out automatically at a certain time.

Or think about programmable LED-strips on the walls of a children’s room. Combine that with LED-strips underneath the bed or a desk to light up the whole room in all possible colors. Make it a disco room by using the music function in the app, so the lights will change color on the beat of the music that’s playing. This way, smart living is fun for children too.


A cozy evening in the garden

Lighting is an important part of making your garden really cozy. Make your garden smart with the Calex Smart Outdoor collection. Get rid of loose switches and remotes and control your outdoor lighting using the same app you control your other Calex products with.

Light up your garden with the Outdoor Spotlights or illuminate your garden path with the Outdoor Garden Posts. Also, the Outdoor LED-strip and the Outdoor wall lamps are a must have for your smart garden. Switch from warm white light to colored light simply by using the app to change the lighting so it will fit your situation. It’s also possible to program the Outdoor lighting in a way that they light up when the sun goes down and vice versa.

All Smart Outdoor items work via the Calex Link Bluetooth Mesh. The lamps are all connected to each other and all pass on the available signal. Place the Link as close to your garden as possible and the Outdoor lights will no longer suffer from a poor range. This isn’t possible without the Link, so make sure you get the (very affordable) Link in order to create the perfect ambiance in your garden!


“Hey Google..”/”Alexa..”/”Hey Siri..”

All Calex Smart products are controllable using your favorite voice assistant. Say for instance, “Hey Google, turn on all lights in the garden” or “Hey Siri, turn off the lights in the bedroom”. This way you’ll be able to control your lighting at home, without even getting off the couch.