Smart and ambiance in one; The Halo range has it all!

There are several ways to create more ambiance in your home in terms of lighting. Smart lighting makes it even easy to create the right mood for any setting. To make the line between smart and ambiance even thinner, we now have the Smart Halo Ceiling lights and Spotlights; Smart lighting that emits both coloured and warm white light at the same time. Thanks to an additional lighting effect, these lamps actually consist of two light sources in 1. Create a special effect on the ceiling with the subtle circle around the lamp on the ceiling and light up the room with adjustable white light. With the Halo range, you can add more ambiance and extra light into your home.

What these lamps have in common is that they both spread a colored (halo) glow across the ceiling and direct a strong warm white light beam downwards. This way you light up the ceiling in a color of your choice and spread light in the room in adjustable warm white light. The colors of the halo ring and the warmth of the spotlight are separately adjustable to create the ideal ambiance in your home. Think, for instance, a movie night where you dim the white light but turn the ceiling red. With the Halo range, you create a different setting for any situation.


Halo Ceiling Lights

The smart Halo ceiling light is the epitome of a stylish, modern ceiling light. Its flat round shape makes it suitable for many different applications. For example, place this ceiling light in the bedroom or hallway. The ring around the ceiling lamp emits a colored light that lights up the ceiling. The inner part of the ceiling light illuminates the room in adjustable white light. This model is available in two different sizes, ensuring that this ceiling light will fit any situation.

Halo Surface Mounted Spots

Enhance the ambiance in any room with the surface-mounted Halo spotlights. With these ceiling spots, you can create the ideal setting in your home in no time. These spotlights are surface-mounted and therefore really stand out on the ceiling. They are real statement pieces for your ceiling. The color ring in these lamps is purely decorative, but creates a playful effect in your home. These spotlights are available in black and white.

Halo Recessed Spots

Color the ceiling and light up the room with the smart downlights. The round shape of these downlights makes them ideal as stylish lighting in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms or hallways. Because they are downlights, you incorporate these lamps into the ceiling. When you switch them on, they attract attention because of the double light effect. These spotlights are available in a black and a white version. You change the color temperature and color the ring in one of 16 million available colors using the free Calex app. It is also possible to control the lamps via the Calex app with your favorite voice assistant, to make control even easier.


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