Safety First: 5x Smart Camera benefits

Feel safe and keep an eye on everything at home from now on. Indoors or outdoors, Calex’s Smart Home cameras make it possible. We’ll explain the benefits here!


1. Connect to wifi

All you need to activate your camera is WiFi (2.4HGZ network), the free Calex app and a smartphone or tablet. After a super easy installation process, you can check out whats going on at home, anywhere and anytime. Even if you are not at home.

2. Excellent images

Of course you can expect HD image quality from our cameras. With a resolution of 1920×1080, zooming in on details is no problem and the images are always high quality. The viewing angle of these cameras is a maximum of 110 degrees. As soon as it gets dark, the cameras automatically switches to HD night vision.


Calex always makes sure you have a choice! For example, we have a mini camera for indoors and a mountable and water-resistant camera for outdoors.

Calex Smart camera's

for outside and inside use

3. Inside

The mini-camera is small and can therefore be perfectly concealed in your interior so it doesn’t stand out. During the day and at night, you don’t have to miss out on anything of what is happening at home.



4. Outside

The outdoor camera can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is important to place it at a height so that a good overview of the entire space / surface is created. Distinctive of this camera is the water resistance and mounted base.


5. Free Calex app

In the free Calex app you can further personalize the camera’s to your liking.

    • Do you have more Calex Smart cameras? Add them in the app and select the split screen option for a complete overview.
    • Set motion detectors at specific times or all day long and receive notifications with screenshots on your phone or tablet when motion is detected..
    • The two-sided audio function makes it possible to communicate with the home front and record images with sound.
    • Save screenshots and video recordings directly to your camera roll. Without an SD card, the images overwrite them-self with new images. With SD card you can save images until the card is full and / or it is time for a backup of the images.

In short, a smart camera at home means that you can keep an eye on everything and feel safe despite your busy life. Curious about even more accessories to make it even easier and more comfortable at home? With these smart items you will get the taste!

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