Pretty Smart: It really is!

It’s no surprise that smart products are on the rise. Comfort and simplicity appear to be the ultimate combination to start with smart. Calex wouldn’t be Calex if we didn’t also release some decorative smart models in the bestseller colors Gold and Titanium. Beautiful to look at and multifunctional, that is what these smart lamps are. No more choosing between ambiance lighting or work light. Both are possible with these bulbs!


The versatile gold coating works well above bars and tables or in stylish lamp holders. More models in this color will be available soon! So keep an eye on our socials and website and be the first to know about the new range.

Lamps shown: Globe G125 € 23,99 & Rustic ST64 € 18,99


Perfect for the bedroom! For example; Switch effortlessly between functional light to choose your clothes for the day or that fun party and ambiance lighting for a cozy dim evening or after party ;).

Lamps shown: Rustic ST64 € 18,99 & Globe G125 € 23,99


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