New for all mums: Calex Smart Aroma Diffuser

Especially for all mothers, in whatever way, Calex now introduces the Smart Aroma Diffuser. Just in time for Mother’s Day, but of course also nice for birthdays, anniversaries or other festive occasions. If you secretly want to keep it for yourself, we understand. This versatile diffuser is the solution for unpleasant smells  in the home, offers relaxation, ambiance and improves the air quality in the home.


A nice fragrance in the house

Who doesn’t love a house that smells good? Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the water tank and enjoy the pleasant effects. Depending on which oil you use, this device can have various positive effects on your body. From relaxing in the bath to improving your concentration in the office, you can do anything with this diffuser.


Purifies the air and improves the air quality in the house

Many newly built houses are so well insulated that this can sometimes have a negative effect on the air quality in the house. With the diffuser you can easily improve the air humidity in your home. This has a positive effect on the moisture balance of your skin and the plants in the room where the diffuser is placed. Even if you live in another type of house than a newly built one, the advantages of a diffuser are absolutely worth considering!


Stylish design with light function

A natural shape with light wood and ambient lighting is exactly what you can expect from this product. This diffuser is made to be seen and therefore fits on all kinds of surfaces. Choose warm white light or a cosy colour. With your phone and the free Calex app you can choose from more than 100 colour options. So the diffuser fits every mood you can think of. The reservoir provides approximately 8 hours of pleasure, depending on the setting. It switches off automatically when the tank is empty. Not only stylish, but also very safe!


Remote controlled and programmable

What makes this Calex Smart Aroma Diffuser a real must-have is that it can be controlled via WiFi with your phone. Remotely switch the diffuser on/off or adjust the color of the light with the free Calex app. For example, switch on the diffuser at home from the supermarket. Coming home never smelled so good. But there is more! Set the diffuser to the rhythm of your day and program timers and scenarios for optimal comfort. Wake up to the calming effect of the diffuser on your bedside table and fresh morning light. Anything is possible!


CALEX mothersday tip

For the sweetest mothers


Don’t let the smart function put you off! In 3 simple steps, your Aroma diffuser is ready for use. So… Are you still looking for a nice gift for your mother (in law), sister, girlfriend, cool colleague at work or any other power woman you love, give a Calex Smart Aroma Diffuser as a gift. This gift is guaranteed to make everyone happy!