Make different scenes in our free Calex app!

There are so many possibilities when we talk about technologic. You can easily create different scenes in our free Calex app. You can set everything with the different automations for ideal living comfort. A nice smell in your house or lights that will turn on automatically when the sun goes down? There are so many possibilities! Read down below how you can create different scenes in our free Calex app!

1. Spill the tea

Working from home has become very normal for the most people. With our products, you can make it yourself as comfortable as possible. What do you think about automatic tea or coffee? Connect your kettle or coffee machine to your Calex Powerplug and operate them from your work desk. Put it on in the app, finish your e-mail and walk down to the kitchen. When you are arrived, the water would be hot and you can go back to work!

2. From lasagna to lavender

You love to cook with different spices, but you don’t want the smell of the dinner in your house the whole night? The Calex diffuser is not only for a nice smell in your house, it also purifies air! Connect your diffuser to the free Calex app, add your favorite fragrance oil and make easily automations with the tap-to-run function. The diffuser will turn on at the time that you want, an hour after dinner for example. With this function, the smell of your dinner will not be in the room for a long time and you can enjoy your own fragrance!

3. Follow the sun

Is your garden full of our brand new smart outdoor collection, but you don’t want to operate your products by itself when the sun goes down? With our free Calex app, you can make automations for the sunset and sunrise. Add the right location and tá-dá, the bulbs will operate themselves. Ideal for long summer nights or dark winter mornings. Times vary from day to day, bit you don’t have to think about it with the automations. Read down here how to make an automation.

Calex Smart Outdoor

Take a look at our Smart Outdoor collection

4. In all colors and scents

Having a nice, cozy dinner at your house with friends? In the free Calex app, you can create different scenes and you can install them exactly the way you want to. You have to make the scene one time and after that you can use it for every dinner! You can dim it a little for more ambiance. You can give the scene a name, so you can easily separate them from the other scenes that you can (and obviously want to) make! For example, you can make one for when you are working from home. Search once for the perfect lighting for working and save this scene. You can easily find it, just as the dinner scene, back in your Calex app.

5. In the middle of the winter night

Despite it’s just October and Christmas seems far away, time flies! How ideal would it be when you don’t have to crawl under the Christmas tree in the dark every day to put on the lights. Besides, most of the string lights don’t have a switch, what means that you have to pull out and put in the plug constantly. Combine your string light with our powerplug and make an automation in the free Calex app, so the lights will go on when you get home from a long day at work. Nothing feels more cozy then coming home in a lit house, tight?

6. Let the music play!

Time to party! With the music function you can make a real disco at your own house. Put on the music mode in the Calex app and the bulbs with the RGB function will recognize the beat of the music. De bulbs with dance just like the guests. You can easily put on the music mode in the app. Then allow all permissions that appear in the pop up, so the Calex app recognize the beat. The function will turn off when you put your bulbs off. When you put the bulb on again, the music mode will not continue.

7. I can hear you, but I can’t see you

You probably recognize it. You come home late a night and you can’t find your keys anywhere. You can hear them, but you can’t see them. How ideal would it be if your outdoor lights will turn on when you are at your door? We have a solution for that! When you combine your Calex movement sensor with your outdoor lights, will they turn on when they detect moving. You can easily made this automation at automations. Curious how? You can read it here! (linkje FAQ)

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