Make your non-smart items, smart!

Since the uprise of Smart lighting, we can’t think about other lighting in our houses. Create a safe living environment with our Smart Mini Camera. With our smart lighting you can make your house cozy and suitable for every occasion. Our smart products are ideal when you come home late at night, with the app you can turn on your lights before you get home so you don’t return to a dark house.
Want to make your non-smart items, smart? We have the perfect solution for that! With the powerplug and the powersocket, you easily make your non-smart items, smart. They look like regular sockets, so they will look good in every interior. With the newest smart technology, they are ideal for every room!


Make your items smart

Check out the powerplug and powersocket


From non-smart, to smart!
We can hear you think; what does the powersocket or powerplug do? When you combine your non-smart items with a powerplug, they will get the same features as our smart items. You can make automations and set timers so your lamps will turn on at the time that you want. It works great when you come home late at night after a nice evening at the beach or a long day in the office. In addition, it works perfectly with Christmas lights for example. You don’t have to plug them in and out every time anymore. Just turn them on and off with the app. Besides, now you don’t have to crawl under the tree to turn the lights on!
The app will send a signal to the powerplug and after that, the lights will turn on.


Our non-smart products

Make them smart with our powerplug or powersocket


And then we have: the powersocket!
Calex also has the smart powersocket. It looks like a normal socket, but it has the same smart features as the powerplug. Install the powersocket easily to your Calex app and operate it remotely. We all have experienced the feeling that we don’t remember if we turned off the plug of our iron, right? In the app you can see if you turned off the powersocket, remotely. Just an extra safe feeling now that we can finally work in the office again!

There is more!
For the powersocket it’s also possible to make automations in the app. When going on vacation, you can easily set a timer so your bulbs will turn on at the time that you want. Outsiders will think that there are still people in the house, when they see the lights on.
All contacts can be controlled separately by app and with the USB function. This way you only need a cable to charge your phone!
Combine the powersocket and powerplug with your chargers, hair tools and home appliances for optimal smart living comfort!

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