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For anyone looking for a little extra cosiness this holiday season, consider changing your lighting! Lamps are very important for the atmosphere in your home. Calex has festive lightbulbs for every style of living. We will highlight them for you!


Those who love the beautiful and shiny things in life will certainly succumb to the XXL Special lamps. These Champagne Organic Evo lamps completely dress up a room, even when they are switched off. The reflective coating gives the light an extra warm and stylish appearance. Perfectly suited for cozy dinners. Install a Calex wall dimmer and make it extra attractive!

The XXL Special bulbs

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With the Calex Metallic Opal Colors in your home, you’ll have warm and ambient lighting. Display them in a fixture tou already have or go wild and buy new fixtures for these lamps. They certainly deserve it! No lamp from this series is the same, which makes them extra special. Due to the mix of colors, this lamp can be used in many styles and it definitely adds an eclectic touch.

The Colors Special bulbs

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Warm and neutral colors in the house provide a solid basis in every home, but those who want to add an industrial highlight this holiday season are in the right place with the Colors series. The Colors Moonstone Black lamps bring atmosphere to a new level with glass that seamlessly transitions from black to clear. Hanging above the table, in a table fixture on your bedside table or in a standing lamp. Everything is possible with these lamps in your home!

The Moonstone Black bulbs

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Is calm, light and subtle more your style? Then you will definitely go for a Scandinavian look this holiday season. The versatile Fusion Sundsvall lamps in Titanium, Gold and Frosted color shine in any interior, but certainly in yours. The clear glass on the outside and subtly curled filament make this the perfect eye-catcher above your festively set dining table.

The Fusion bulbs

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Make it extra easy for yourself during the coming holidays by installing one or more of these smart accessories in your home. For example, automate your Christmas lighting in the tree with the Powerplug or Powersocket and avoid having to get down on your knees behind the tree every day to switch the lights on and off. Operate them remotely with ease with your phone or the Remote control.

The Smart Home Products

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