Cosy dining with Calex

Nicely set tables, good food and pleasant company are the perfect ingredients for a festive festive season, but have you given any thought about what to hang above the dining room table? Ambient lighting is just as important as all of the above to make it really cozy at home.

Special XXL Series

With the matte black Multi Cordset you can make endless combinations above your table. Actually, every lamp looks great in it. This also applies to the striking XXL Special Rosé lamps! Hang them at different heights for a playful effect.

The Special XXL's

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Titanium Series

Combine several models from the Titanium series with each other and provide an extra sparkly effect above your table this year. Finish it off by choosing lamp holders and cables that completely match your interior style. Plenty of choice! We chose for the porcelain white lamp holder and white cable to match the look. 

De XXL Titaniums

Check out the other favorites in this series

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