Cloud Storage; This is why you need it

Since last summer, Calex offers Cloud Storage for all smart products equipped with a camera. Viewing and saving captured images has never been easier. With a Cloud Storage subscription, you can view the recordings from your Smart device anytime, anywhere. Are you using the Cloud Storage already?

This is how it works

Using Cloud Storage is very simple; Open your Smart camera in the free Calex app and take out a subscription. After that, the Cloud Storage is immediately ready for use. You can view the recordings you made in the app, after which you can save, share or delete them. Accessible and safe. Find out how it works here.

The benefits for you

At all times it remains possible to save the Smart camera images and watch them live, even without Cloud Storage. With Cloud storage, it is possible to store your recordings in the cloud. You take out a subscription so that, depending on the type of subscription, you can look back and save your recordings for up to 30 days! Always and everywhere.

These items support Cloud Storage:

Compared to the other options, Cloud Storage is a good and safe option when it comes to storing your precious recordings.

The use of Cloud Storage has a number of advantages:

+ You can always review your recordings.
+ If the camera breaks or if the device is stolen, the recordings remain available in the cloud.
+ Recordings are easy to download and share from the cloud.
+ Recordings are sorted by date and time of recording.


Take out an (affordable) subscription to use Cloud Storage. Calex currently offers three types of subscriptions:

Basic Plan With the basic plan, you can view recordings from the past 7 days. You pay €3.99 per month or €39.99 per year.
Standard Plan With the standard plan, you can review recordings from the past 14 days. You pay €5.99 per month or €59.99 per year.
Premium Plan With the premium plan, you can view recordings from the past 30 days. You pay €7.99 per month or €79.99 per year.


Go shopping!

In honor of Black Friday & Cyber Week 2022, Calex offers a 20% discount on a yearly subscription for 7 days of storage in the free Calex app. Upgrade your Calex Smart camera this week and enjoy a carefree holiday season.


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