Calex Smart Petfeeder; This is why you and your four-legged friend need it

Most pet-owners will recognize it; you are gone for the whole day and you pet has to wait all that time until he is finally fed. To keep your dog, cat or rabbit satisfied in a Smart way, there is the Calex Smart Petfeeder; an automatic feeding device especially made for small to medium sized pets. This is why you and your four-legged friend need it.

It’s very simple; fill the Petfeeder’s container with up to 4 liters of dry food (with granules from 2 to 10mm in size). Then you can easily set your pet’s feeding schedule with the Calex Smart app. The Petfeeder then ejects the right amount of food at the scheduled time. This way your pets get their food at set times every day, whether you are at home or not, and you can always feed your pet remotely if you have forgotten to do so before.

Easy to install, easy to use

You easily set up the Smart Petfeeder by adding it to the free Calex Smart app. The Petfeeder connects to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to dispense food from anywhere, set appropriate feeding schedules, and keep an eye on you pet through the built-in camera. This way, you keep your pet satisfied and check on their well-being even when you’re out of home.

Keep an eye on them

With the Calex app, you can remotely monitor your home using the built-in HD camera to check if your pet has finished their food or what they’re up to when you’re not at home. This camera has a 110° field of view, features night vision, and has a motion sensor that detects movement up to 10 meters away. If your furry friend is up to something they shouldn’t be doing, you can easily address them using the two-way audio function and even listen to their response from a distance.

The Calex Smart Petfeeder is the perfect solution for any animal lover who can’t always be home for their dog, cat or rabbit. You can easily set it up using the Calex Smart app, ensuring that you can take care of your beloved pet in a Smart way from anywhere, anytime. With this Smart Petfeeder, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furry friend won’t secretly redecorate your living room in your absence ;).


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