Calex Outdoor: 4 tips for a smart outdoor life

It’s officially spring! Time to give your garden, patio or balcony a makeover. Lighting, of course, is an important part of this. “Hey Google! Turn on the lights outside!” It can be that easy when you install the Smart Calex fixtures in your outdoor area. No more hassle with loose switches or bad connection in the back of your garden. Make your outdoor lighting smart with the Calex Smart Outdoor collection!

Bluetooth Mesh Link

The smart Outdoor items work via the Bluetooth Mesh Link hub of less than 6 x 6 cm big. The white Link makes it possible to control all outdoor lights as a group or individually in the same app as all your other Calex bulbs or accessories. Place the Link in the socket closest to your garden, terrace or balcony. Regardless of the size of the garden or the number of items placed, these products are all connected via the Link and pass on the available signal to each other without loss of range and power. This is not possible without the Link. So for the Smart outdoors to function at their best, you need the very affordable Link.

1. Garden posts

Illuminate your garden path with the smart Garden posts. With these posts, you will never come home to a dark front/back garden again. These posts can be directly attached to the ground. This item also comes with a sturdy ground pick that you can stick into the grass, gravel or sand.

The garden spotlights are perfect for illuminating your favourite items in the garden.  This spotlight, too, can be mounted directly on the ground or driven into the ground.

2. Wall lights

Classic or modern. Calex has made a fitting wall lamp for every style. Whether you want to light your front door, fence, shed or garden house, these items make it possible.

3. LEDstrip

Highlight flat surfaces with the 5-metre Smart Outdoor LED Strip.

4. Safety

Feel safe with the security light in your garden or on your terrace. The security light is adjustable in different white colors. Handy! This way you can switch between bright white light and warm ambient light. The built-in motion sensor ensures that the light is turned on when movement is detected and sends a push notification to your phone/tablet.

Really smart!

The smart items from the outdoor collection make it possible for the lamps to ride along with the sunset and sunrise. Switch between (warm) white light and colored light. Set your personal preferences by creating automations in the free Calex app or set timers. These lamps also work easily via Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple ‘s Siri.


Naturally, all smart outdoor items are waterproof with an IP value of 44. The smart LED strip is even IP67. This makes it possible for everyone to create a smart garden/terrace for themselves and enjoy the conveniences that smart has to offer.

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