5x trends for spring: Make your interior up-to-date and cosy with these 5 trends for spring

Searching for a new look at home? Complete your style with various Calex light sources. These bulbs fit perfectly into the latest living trends of 2022. These are the five spring trends that will complete your interior and make it extra cozy.

1. Soft summer

Create a calm and dreamy ambiance with the blue Avesta and Boden from the Colors series. These are easy to combine with sand tones and a white interior. They fit perfectly with a calm color palette and thus help to create the perfect ambiance at home. These lamps are available in multiple colors, so you can choose a different color or a combination of several colors. The possibilities are endless.

CALEX Colors

Trendy colored organic shapes

2. Bold & natural

Go for a country-style home with the Pulse series. The amber-colored Dijon and Metz will fit perfectly into a bold interior that consists of furniture made of natural materials. Place these lamps in our black table fixture or combine them with a fixture on one of the multi cord sets. Place it on a dresser or on a coffee table; the Pulse series is indispensable for your bold country interior!


Bold & indispensable

3. Scandinavian nature

Organic shapes and a hint of Swedish nature. Complete your Scandinavian interior with the Arctic series. These white-colored lamps fit well in a pastel-colored interior with many natural materials. The Arctic series is made especially for this style. Place them above the dining table in a ceramic white fixture or combine them with an aluminum fixture for an industrial look. The Karlskoga, Motala, Sala and Kumla are a great addition to your interior.

CALEX Arctic

Organic white

4. Colorful elegance

Boost your interior with the colorful models of the Colors series. Add warmth and character to your interior with the marron colored bulbs. Combine them with designer furniture made of luxurious materials. This color looks great on a dark oak table or dresser, especially in combination with the black U-line table fixture. Complete your warm interior with the bourbon-like Boden, Kiruna and Avesta.

CALEX Colors

Colorful & elegant

5. Urban gris

Dark, stylish tones and a touch of French allure. Complete the elegant style of your home with the Titanium XXL series. These lamps with mirror-like titanium coating will take your interior to a new and stylish level. In combination with a black fixture and black and gray furniture these bulbs will give your interior the complete urban look.

CALEX XXL Titanium

Stylish & urban

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